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Baby Grand Mahogany



The Industrial Revolution brought about a variety of innovative ideas:  factories, mass production, powered machinery for specific uses, and exotic designs and materials.  By the late 19th Century, people were looking for a change. Thus, the Arts and Crafts movement began.

Architecture, arts, and objects for the home made in the Arts and Crafts design are simple, made from locally sourced materials.  Emphasis is on how each piece is fashioned; for example, dowel pins or metal brackets are exposed and become part of the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.  In essence, the Arts and Crafts movement was dedicated to recapturing the spirit and quality of the individual artisan.

The demand for a pool table to fit into the home was growing. The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company heard their pleas and created the Baby Grand pool table. Its design captures the essential elements of the Arts and Crafts era including plain surfaces to show off the beautiful mahogany and maple inlays.  A concealed drawer holds all the playing equipment.

Size: 7'


Original Catalog Description from 1908-1909:

Technical Information: Information from page 62 of the 1916 Billiard Products Catalogue of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company. Design patent awarded May 7, 1912.

The Brunswick "Baby Grand" Home Table, carom and pocket billiard, genuine mahogany, inlaid design, richly finished.

These home size tables belong to the "royal family" of billiard tables. They are worthy productions of the "House of Brunswick" and are daily adding new luster to its name. Made of the finest thoroughly seasoned mahogany, beautiful in design and very richly finished.

This rare and beautiful wood possesses the extreme durability so desirable for the finest class of cabinet work. Mahogany lasts for generations. Age serves but to enhance its richness and beauty. We are among the largest buyers of Mahogany in the world.

We operate nine factories in various cities. Our immense manufacturing facilities, great buying power, and vast output, enable us to sell these magnificent tables at extraordinarily low prices.

The cue rack and accessory drawer of Brunswick's Baby Grand Carom and Pocket Billiard Table is a great convenience. Keeps everything right at hand and in perfect condition. The drawer is constructed so as to be invisible.

All Brunswick home carom and pocket billiard tables fitted with Monarch Quick-Acting cushions. These celebrated cushions are the same quality as used on our standard size tables. They are guaranteed as to accuracy, speed and durability.