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Cabinet #1



Size: 9'


From the 1898 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. catalog, page 6:

The above illustration represents the very latest style of billiard table placed on the American market and presents features of extraordinary novelty. Hitherto the large open space beneath the bed of a table has been of no use whatever; but, in the Cabinet, every inch of this space is utilized. The bed of the table rests upon two cabinets, built at either end and opened by dividing doors, above which are drawers. At one end of the table the drawer runs back far enough to permit cues being placed within it., thus dispensing with the necessity for a cue rack. The other drawer is smaller in size and may be used to keep balls, tips and all supplies needed for the table. The large spaces in the cabinets between the drawers may be made available for the reception of cigars and refreshments. By this clever arrangement everything necessary for the game and the convenience of the players is kept out of sight and no space is required beyond that devoted to the table itself. This feature alone will recommend the Cabinet as the best table ever manufactured for private residences.

Furnished either as a carom or pool table, or both combined. All combination tables have our patent adjustable carom plugs, with iron fastenings.

Carried in stock in 4 1/2' x 9'; sizes, antique oak finish.

All tables are fitted with Vermont slate bed from our own quarries, imported Simonis cloth, and the incomparable patent Monarch Cushions.