Baby Grand Convertible Oak

Baby Grand Convertible Oak

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The Industrial Revolution brought about a variety of innovative ideas:  factories, mass production, powered machinery for specific uses, and exotic designs and materials. By the late 19th Century, people were looking for a change.  Thus, the Arts and Crafts movement began.

Architecture, arts, and objects for the home made in the Arts and Crafts design are simple, made from locally sourced material.  Emphasis is on how each piece is fashioned; for example, dowel pins or metal brackets are exposed and become part of the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.  In essence, the Arts and Crafts movement was dedicated to recapturing the spirit and quality of the individual artisan.

Since owning a billiard table was considered a symbol of status, more and more people wanted to put a table into their home. Thus, the demand increased for the table to be scaled down to fit properly into the average home. Also, people wanted the option of playing carom or pool.  So, in 1916, the Burnswick-Balke-Collander Company designed and created a home size table that would easily convert from pool to billiards. The homeowner could simply remove and replace the cushions, two games could be played on the same table. Thus, the home Convertible table was born.
An added feature is the concealed drawer that holds all the playing equipment.

Size: 7'


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Original Catalog

Original Catalog Description from 1916:

Technical Information:  Information from the 1916 Billiard Products Catalogue of the Brunswick-Balke-Collander Company.

Manufactured in 1916 in pocket billiard and carom styles.

Wood and Finish: Made in quarter-sawn golden oak, beautifully finished.  This table furnished either as a carom, pocket or combination, as desired, with a perfectly concealed drawer to hold playing equipment.

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