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During the Victorian Era of the late 1800's, pool table designs were becoming increasingly detailed and extravagant.  Along came the Jewel by Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.  It was an entirely new design new design with such beautiful carvings and details; it soon became the most preferred table designed by the company.

Size: 9'


Original Catalog Description from 1896:

This table is entirely new in design and construction, and has been deservedly pronounced one of the most beautiful billiard tables ever produced. Its special advantages are numerous, the principal one being the thickness of the frame on which the slate bed rests. It is no less than seven inches thick, and embodies great strength and solidity with a graceful form. The carved work is highly artistic, chaste and rich, and everything about the table indicates the very perfection of good taste and elegance. The body has a cove form, with brackets at each corner and corrugated moldings on the frame and in center of legs. There are many who prefer the Jewel to any other table manufactured by our firm.

Furnished either as a carrom or pool table or both combined. All combination tables have our patent adjustable carrom plugs, with iron fastenings.

All tables are fitted with Vermont slate bed from our own quarries, imported Simonis cloth, and the incomparable Monarch cushions.

The legs, besides being joined with wooden dowels, are fastened with a large iron bolt passing through the entire length of the leg to the top of the head block, thus insuring positive solidity.