Mission B 6-Leg

Mission B 6-Leg

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The Industrial Revolution brought about a variety of innovative ideas:  factories, mass production, powered machinery for specific uses, and exotic designs and materials.  By the late 19th Century, people were looking for a change. Thus, the Arts and Crafts movement began.

Architecture, arts, and objects for the home made in the Arts and Crafts design are simple, made from locally sourced materials.  Emphasis is on how each piece is fashioned; for example, dowel pins or metal brackets are exposed and become part of the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.  In essence, the Arts and Crafts movement was dedicated to recapturing the spirit and quality of the individual artisan.

Within the Arts and Crafts design is the Mission style.  Typically, furniture in this style is made from oak, has a rectilinear design, and is very plain with little decoration.  Adhering to these design requirements, the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company designed and created the Old Mission Style “B” pool table. Its design captures the essential elements of the era including heavy structural work and the plain surfaces, which adapts beautifully to pool and billiard tables.

Size: 9'


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Original Catalog

Original Catalog Description from 1908-1909:

Brunswick Balke Collender Co. catalog, page 24:

Strictly conventional Mission; extra good quality.

To meet the demand for a strictly conventional Old Mission style of Billiard Table we have introduced our Style "B" as illustrated in the following: In this we have closely adhered to the lines of the severely plain Old Mission furniture. In the Style "B" the only ornamentation to relieve the plain surfaces are the corbels on legs and the heavy dentils under cushion rails.
It is made of oak, the most appropriate wood for the purpose, and finished in dark Flemish or Weathered Oak. Can be made to order in Chestnut, Elm or Cypress with weathered, fumed or any other special finish desired. Furnished as billiard or pool or combination of both.

Particular attention is directed to the following points of superiority in this design of table:

The slate bed is best quality Vermont one inch thick, the sections being joined with brass dowels and sockets. No screw holes on the playing surface. Can be furnished with slate 1/2" in thickness where desired, at a small advance in cost.

The cushions are the celebrated quick acting Monarch, guaranteed the most perfect angle cushion in the world. Used by all professional players in America and Europe.

The cushion rails are of extra heavy construction and firmly bolted to the slate bed. In all of our high grade tables, what is termed a "blind cushion rail" is made use of, that is the bolts holding the cushion rails to the slate bed are concealed by woodwork. This eliminates the cheap appearing ornamental bolt caps and gives greater weight to the cushion rail, which means better results from the cushions. The cushion rail tops are veneered with rosewood, which does not change color, cannot be easily disfigured with lighted cigars and does not have the objectional features of a varnish finish.

Produced under 18 construction patents awarded from 1892 to 1905.

Available in 4 or 6 leg models

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