The dawn of the 20th century brought new designs and innovations in architecture, art and pool tables.  Cubism, Prairie Style, and Modernism were evolving into the early signs of the Deco era.  The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company began creating pool tables with a massive body style and large elephant leg columns as legs.  These Jumbo framework tables are known for their unusual strength, durability and, of course, design. 

The Saratoga is probably the most popular style in this class of pool tables and often copied by other manufacturers.  The smooth polished cabinet sides are convex in shape and supported by massive square legs.  A highly detailed carved band of egg and dart moldings accent the lower face of the rail and cabinet completing this exquisite table.

Size: 9'


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Original Catalog

Original Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Catalog Description from 1908-1909:

A magnificent billiard or pool table, which finds lasting favor with all. Handsomely figured golden oak and mahogany.

Of all the many elegant designs of high-grade billiard tables originated by us, none have found more lasting favor with the general public than the Saratoga. It is not the highest price table that we make, but it is thoroughly first class in construction and finish. The design is both handsome and unique. This table has been extensively imitated by other manufacturers who have copied in appearance only. In construction that have met with what to them has been insurmountable difficulties.

The slate bed is best quality Vermont one inch thick. Can be furnished with slate 1 1 /2" in thickness, when desired, at a small advance in cost. The sections of slate are joined together with brass dowels and sockets, eliminating screw holes in the slate bed.

The cushions are the celebrated quick acting Monarch, guaranteed the most perfect angle cushion in the world. Used by all professional players in America and Europe.

The cushion rails are of extra heavy construction and firmly bolted to the slate bed. The cushion rail tops are veneered with rosewood, which does not change color, cannot be easily disfigured and does not have the objectionable features of a polished surface.

The usual method of construction is reinforced with heavy iron bolts holding the framework to the head blocks and legs, producing a species of rigid bridgework and staple durability, which will make a table of this class last a lifetime and give good service.

Manufactured under 18 construction patents awarded between 1892 and 1905

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