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Vendor Highlight: Gloster

July 11, 2017

Gloster is a leader in fine teak outdoor furniture. They manufacture gorgeous furniture with high attention to design details while keeping the quality of construction at peak importance.  A UK based company that has factories in America, England and Asia, Gloster is known for their high end teak. However, they also manufacturer some of the best woven, aluminum, and stainless steel outdoor furniture. Here’s what puts Gloster ahead of the pack in patio furniture and why Peters Billiards has chosen to carry this brand.



The Gloster Difference


View Glosters video above "From Seed to Seat" which takes you on a journey from plantation to finished product.

  • Every piece of teak that Gloster uses originates from their own 100% sustainable plantation in Indonesia. The teak is replenished and replanted and is carefully managed with each piece inspected for quality. Trees are regularly pruned and maintained which results in healthier wood, straighter grain and less knots.
  • Teak grows at a slow rate (50 - 80 years old at maturity) which provides for a close-grained tropical hardwood that is very hardwearing. The high oil content makes it extremely weather tolerant with a high resistance to rotting and the effects of the sun, rain, frost or snow.
  • All of the material scraps and any remaining wood is put to use too. From dowels to firing kilns, none of it is wasted.


  • Teak
    • All sides are finished and sanded to a silky-smooth finish with five sanding steps, even the underside that is typically never seen. All corners and edges are rounded to ensure no hard edges or possibly of splinters. Just slide your hand over a piece of their furniture and you’ll notice the quality.
  • Woven
    • Basic skeleton structure is fully welded and powder coated 6063 aluminum alloy frame which has been pre-treated with a chromium conversion to enhance corrosion resistance.
    • 100% hand woven using high density polyethylene (HDPE) which has been through-dyed to make scratches virtually invisible.  They have added a UV stabilizing material to the weave which protects the color from fading and prevents wicker from becoming brittle.
    • One Gloster chair can take 20 hours to weave by hand!
  • Cushions
    • Indoor foam core provides the same comfort as fine indoor furniture, long lasting comfort and maintains original shape for many years.
    • Outer core is cluster filled channels with down-like fibers for resiliency and softness.
    • Final outer layer is a spun water-resistant exterior cover that repels moisture, prevents water penetrating the cushion, and has a high breathability factor while still maintaining long lasting comfort.
    • Solution Dyed Acrylic for the exterior fabrics, such as Sunbrella brand and others - best in the industry for outdoor use.


3.    DESIGN

  • Gloster has several world-renowned designers from across the globe who work on the beautiful furniture designs that make their way into your home. Creating a timeless piece of outdoor furniture that not only is functional, feels comfortable, long lasting construction, and is beautiful to the eye is not an easy job.
  • Just take a look at these collections below to view some of Gloster’s unique designs.


Gloster New Introductions in 2017

Bay Collection

Grid Collection

Deco Collection

Archi Collection

Split Collection

Carver Collection

William Collection

Voyager Collection


We invite you to come into our showroom, view and test sit in Gloster’s beautiful outdoor casual furniture along with our entire outdoor collection from over 10 vendors of outdoor patio furniture including dining sets, deep seating, fire pits, umbrellas, and heaters.

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