Cornilleau Tacteo DUO Pack

Cornilleau Tacteo DUO Pack

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Perfect and durable for ping pong parties with family members and friends. With bright colors and a trendy shape, this will be popular with kids and adults. Capable of withstanding all kinds of bad weather, this composite racket offers unique benefits both in terms of its resistance to shocks and outdoor conditions. 


  • Indoor/Outdoor ultra-durable racket set!
  • Includes 2 rackets and 3 balls.
  • Durable - The injected polymer blade provides an extremely solid core with improved resistance to impact, UVs and humidity. 
  • Speed - It's dynamic elastomer rubber ensures a good speed of play
  • Precision & Spin - The 3-star ITTF rubber ensures a good transmission of spin.
  • Made in France.

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Manufactured by Cornilleau

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