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El Dorado Game Set

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Everyone can sit comfortable around this El Dorado game table. The tabletop has two sides. One side is set up for poker or board games; while the other side is a dining top. Four relaxing chairs accompany this set. These chairs feature a swivel/rocking/lift mechanism making them the go-to spot in the game room. This set is shown with a distressed finish, vinyl upholstery, and option Stetson treatment. However, there are many finishes, distress levels and upholstery options.
This set is MADE IN AMERICA.

Wood Finish: Old English Distressed - Standard
Cloth on Table: 77 Black
Card & Drink inserts: Amalfi Chocolate - Gr1
Upholstery on Chair: Amalfi Chocolate - Gr1
Upholstery Style: Stetson Treatment (upcharge $100 RPP)
Nails on Chairs: PLA-ANT (Nails are included)
Casters on Chairs: Antique Brass