Monopoly 3D World Edition

Monopoly 3D World Edition

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The most iconic cities in the world sparkle with the unique three-dimensional artwork of Charles Fazzino in this follow-up to the sold out Monopoly Fazzino New York City Edition. Gather your family and friends around this limited edition work of art, select a custom-designed diecast token, and attempt to own it all – across the globe!


  • Each unit is signed and numbered by Charles Fazzino then carefully adorned with crystals, layered inside a black solid wood frame, and topped with tempered glass.
  • Features six Fazzino-designed die-cast metal Monopoly tokens: Cruise Ship, Private Jet, Blimp, Statue of Liberty, London Taxi Cab, and Heart.
  • Includes exclusive Monopoly Title Deeds, Chance and Community Chest cards, and money designed by Charles Fazzino, as well as painted wood houses and hotels.
  • Packaged in a stunning silver-foil box and includes a matching parts box to neatly store all of the game components, as well as the Certificate of Authenticity.
  • This stunning blend of pop art and Monopoly will look as beautiful on your wall as it will showcased on your coffee table!


23.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 inches


24 lbs

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