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Twilight Zone Pinball Machine - Pre-owned

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Twilight Zone pinball machine with the new LED update kit installed!

Pre-owned, completely refurbished. Rare!


  • A working gumball machine, which holds three balls and can dispense them or receive others during play.
  • A working, 12-hour analog clock that can display the current time and function as a timer during certain rounds.
  • The Powerball, a white ceramic ball which is lighter than the other steel balls in the machine and unaffected by magnets.
  • The Powerfield, a triangular mini-playfield whose underside contains magnets that propel the ball.

In addition to adapting the theme music from the original TV show, the game’s main background music is an interpretation of the 1982 hit “Twilight Zone”, by Golden Earring. Tim Kitzrow provided the voice of Rod Serling.

Twilight Zone is currently the top-rated electronic pinball machine of all time on the Internet Pinball Machine Database.


  • 250 lbs


  • 56"L × 28"W × 77"H


  • Peters Warranty covers telephone diagnostics and parts for 1 year from purchase
  • Original packaging
  • Assembly required


  • We will set-up and test game before delivery
  • Re-key the lock - so if you ever lose it - it can easily be replaced
  • Deliver to your home or business, and set it up in the room of your choice
  • Peters Warranty covers telephone diagnostics and parts for 1 year from purchase
  • Additional 30 day in home warranty (only included if game is delivered within 50 mi radius of Minneapolis)
  • Warranty void in commercial settings