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Tips for lighting a pool table

The goal with billiard lighting is to eliminate shadows from the playing area of the pool table. This can be achieved in many ways. Most 7’ and 8’ pool tables use a light with three shades mounted on a bar approximately 52” in length.

Nine-foot tables typically use a 4-shade light about 68” in length.

Lights should hang 30” to 33” from the slate bed to the bottom of the shade. If the table is not yet in place, this translates to 60” to 63” from the floor. The exact height is not a critical issue. Hang the light in the range where the chains fall naturally.

Alternative styles of lighting exist and are becoming increasingly popular. First are individual shades that have three bulbs per shade. These shades are larger and usually made from stained glass. Since they have more power with three bulbs, two of these lights will work well over any size table. The next style of pool table lighting is the hood style. Made from stained glass or molded plastic, each oval or rectangular shaped shade has three or four bulbs.

The simplest way to wire a light is to have one box in the ceiling mounted directly over the center of the pool table. This works best for the traditional bar with shades or hood style of light. If you choose to use the individual hanging lights, then it will be easier to have two separate boxes in the ceiling. If you are using an existing electrical box that isn’t in the exact spot you need over the table, many people swag the chains with the power cord over from the light to the power source.

If in doubt about electrical connections, please be sure to consult a qualified electrician.

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