Railyard Pool Table

Railyard Pool Table

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A Piece of American History! The Railyard pool table features a trestle base with a section of decommissioned railroad rail combined with hardwood crosstie timbers. The numbered metal sites on the rails are the date nails. Until the late 1960's, mosty crossties were marked with the year of manufacture with these types of nails. 


  • Size Options: 7ft, 8 ft and 9ft
  • Storage Drawer: Optional Factory Built in Drawer
  • Wood: Hickory - Re-purposed Hardwood Timbers from Century Old Railroads
  • Unique base with a section of decommissioned railroad rail
  • Finishes: Matte Railyard Finish on Hickory
  • Slate: 3-piece, 1" thick
  • Pocket: Modern Leather Drop Pocket

Manufactured by Olhausen

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