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As furniture styles evolved, consumers were looking for simplified and reasonable priced designs for their homes.  Brunswick-Blake-Collender responded by reviving a previously popular billiard table design and made it affordable to the pool playing customer. Thus the Delaware was born!  It filled the niche - classy, timeless appearance, superior construction, and cost effective.

Original Brunswick-Balke-Collender Catalog Description from 1908 & 1909:

A thoroughly well constructed billiard or pool table of conventional design. Serviceable and reliable.

The Delaware Billiard and Pool table is modeled after a design that has long held favor with the billiard-playing public. It is medium grade in quality and is suited to all purposes. It is finished in handsomely figured quarter-sawed oak and furnished with best quality Vermont slate bed and Monarch cushions. The quality of the outfit or playing equipment such as cue racks, cues, balls, etc., can be made to suit the requirements of the purchaser; hence the table is adapted to almost any location where a more ornamental or more massive design is not desirable.

Made in sections, so that the framework forming the body of the table can be taken apart for shipment. The various parts are doweled and reinforced with massive iron bolts, which obtains durability and rigidity.