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Skeech Table Game Jacobean

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Skeech offers something fresh and unique to your entertainment space.  Skeech is equally as entertaining as billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, foosball or air hockey.  Plus it requires less space and can be played in half the time. ​A simple but engaging game, Skeech can be played by just about anyone who can roll a ball!  

​If you’re looking to invigorate your game room...creating memories, laughter and happiness when you entertain…The Original Skeech is the answer!!

  • Sleek table design to save space (8 ft. X 20 in.)
  • Multiple games in one.
  • Roll steel balls into differently sized holes at opposite ends of the table
  • Score 1 point for large holes, 3 points for medium holes and 5 points for the lone small hole.
  • First to 21 points wins, unless opponent ties, taking it to sudden death.
  • Finish a game in just 3 to 5 minutes!
  • One on One or Team Play
  • Full Skeech Package Includes: Skeech table, 8 steel balls, ball rack, ball rack holder, score slides, drink holders, framed rules, laminated rules sheet, assembly instructions, and all hardware needed for assembly.

You can find the Basic rules of Skeech here