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O.G. Novelty

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High Victorian style was popular during the later part of the 19th century. This architectural style appeared in buildings, artwork, and pool tables.  This design was characterized by an eclectic assortment of patterns, textures, and colors, and even some Gothic elements.

In the High Victorian Era, the J.M. Brunswick & Balke Company designed and created their ‘Novelty’ series of pool tables.  Notable features of this series include having the legs of the table are turned at a 45* angle to the cabinet.  This draws the discriminating viewer’s eyes to the cabinet where the corners are scooped out, creating a pointed arch – a classic Gothic design element.

The OG Novelty, noted for its plainness, was designed for those who wanted a bit of the glory of the billiard fervor that was prevalent at the time, but who also wanted less affectation.

Size: Pro 8'


Original Catalog Description from 1880:

To meet the growing demand for a perfectly plain table, without inlay or carved ornamentation, we have introduced the above style, the O.G. Novelty. It is very attractive in design and finish, and substantial construction. A most suitable table for private residences, clubrooms, hotels, etc. This table is finished in either natural or antique finish, and the outfit supplied with it is of the very best quality throughout.

Furnished either as a carrom or pool table or both combined. All combination tables have our patent adjustable carrom plugs, with iron fastenings.

All tables are fitted with Vermont slate bed from our own quarries, imported Simonis cloth, and the incomparable Monarch cushions.

The legs, besides being joined with wooden dowels, are fastened with a large iron bolt passing through the entire length of the leg to the top of the head block, thus insuring positive solidity.