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Regina Mahogany

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The dawn of the 20th century brought new designs and innovations in architecture, art and pool tables.  Cubism, Prairie Style, and Modernism were evolving into the early signs of the Deco era.  The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company began creating pool tables with a massive body style and large elephant leg columns as legs.  These Jumbo framework tables are known for their unusual strength, durability and, of course, design. 
The Regina, with its simple elegance, was a popular table design.  White holly inlays on a highly figured mahogany frame came together well for the Regina.

Size: 9'

SKU: APT020 & APT127

From the Original Catalog Description in 1922 - 1923:

One of our new styles of billiard tables on which we have secured design patent because of originality and simplicity. It is a good medium grade of table that will certainly be very popular.

Stock Sizes: 4 ½ x 9, 5 x 10

Wood and Finish: Furnished in either Quarter-sawed oak or handsomely finished mahogany. The oak is finished in our #6 medium or golden color and the mahogany in our regular No. 2 stock color, rubbed and polished finish, which means that after being given the ordinary cabinet finish it is hand-rubbed to a dull polish. This can be kept clean more readily than any other finish.

The massive body of this table is what is known in our factory as the Jumbo frame work, which means that it has unusual strength and great durability. The frame work of this body is built up in what is technically known as compound construction-that is, various kinds of woods tongued and grooved together and double cross veneered on the outside and inside, the outer veneer being handsomely figured in oak or mahogany.

This table is made in sections and can be taken apart for shipment. Reinforcing blocks at side intersections 5 in. wide x 2 in. thick x 11½ in., secured to end section by ½ in. iron frame bolt reinforced by hardwood dowels. Legs 10½ in. square at base, tapering to 9½ in. at capital. Double cross stretchers 41 inches x 1 ¼ in. thick x 6½ in., braced into reinforcing block.

Legs are built up of compound construction, tongued and grooved, doweled and reinforced by corner blocks, double cross veneered, inside and out, and rigidly built into end frame work of body.

The wood construction is all of the very best quality, cabinet made and put together in a most thorough manner. All joints tongued and grooved, strongly doweled and glued firmly together. All mitres absolutely accurate. All corners and edges made perfectly smooth and true.

Cushion Rails: Compound construction, built up of various kinds of hardwoods of different grain to give strength and prevent its being affected by climatic changes. Invisible cushion bolts covered by what is known as Blind Cushion Rails, made in 5-ply thicknesses of material placed in an alternate run of grain with fancy figured veneer on the exterior. Rosewood top. Solid rosewood corners. Pearl sights. Inlaid metal fancy name plate.

Slate Bed: Bet quality Vermont slate, three pieces to the set. All joints secured with three brass dowels and sockets. No screw holes on playing surface. Regulation slate 1" thick. When so ordered, can be furnished with slate 1 ½" thick, 1" slate, 1 1/8" reinforced wood frame; 1 ½" slate, 1 ¾" reinforced wood frame.

Cushions: This table can be furnished with any style Monarch perfect angle cushions.

Pocket Irons: The pocket irons are our No. 6 style, which are countersunk in the ends of the cushion rails by means of brass sockets.

Playing Equipment: The playing equipment furnished with the Regina is as ordered.
Design Patent June 9th, 1911; manufactured under 22 construction patents issued from 1900 to 1916