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Starburst Black Walnut

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While the J.M. Brunswick & Balke Company was designing their ‘Novelty’ series of pool tables, Brunswick & Company (whose history includes John Brunswick’s half-brother, Emanuel) designed and created the Starburst during the years 1877-1882.   This design clearly fits into the ‘Novelty’ series whose notable feature includes having the legs of the table turned at a 45* angle to the cabinet.  This draws the discriminating viewer’s eyes to the cabinet where the corners are scooped out, creating a pointed arch – a classic Gothic design element.

The Starburst is an extraordinary table; Black Walnut or Mahogany was chosen for the cabinet because of its strength and unique grain.  Exquisite inlays of mahogany, maple and walnut create a beautiful work of art. Brazilian Rosewood was the preferred wood for the rail tops, accented with Ivory sights.

Not many Starburst tables were manufactured by Brunswick & Company.

This is a rare gem.

Size: 9'