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Modern times call for modern designs! 

Technology was improving and more materials were becoming available for furniture. Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. had well known furniture designers to create ‘new and improved’ billiard table designs using these new materials.  The Streamliner is one of the first tables to feature a wood laminate cabinet.

SIze: 9'


From the Fall and Winter 1939 "Profit News from Brunswick", page 10:

Presenting the new Brunswick Streamliner. Brunswick proudly presents the new Streamliner with its "modern as tomorrow" beauty.

It's a mark of distinction that will pay dividends for every billiard room installing new Brunswick Streamliners.

Here is a billiard table designed with the same care and precision as a modern skyliner! Constructed with as much rigid sturdiness as the Yankee Clipper itself, with a long life service assured.

The beautifully curved styling of the well-built pedestals is the very latest thing in billiard table design!

The new "warm tan", mar-resisting Spatex finish blends perfectly with smart, polished chrome pocket shields, satin finish recesses, maroon leathers and new Monarch cloth.

Just as streamlined super-planes are inviting more and more air travel--the new Brunswick Streamline will invite more billiard play, and increase your profits.

Available in 4x8', 4 1/2 x 9' and 5x10' sizes in pocket, gulley, carom and snooker styles. Complete set of "matched accesories" also available for the Streamliner--Brunswick's most modern billiard table ensemble.