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Vestal Steel




Unique and unusual!  The Vestal Steel is the result of many years of research and experimenting.  East Indian Rosewood rails with stamped steel come together to create a solid and durable table good enough to carry the Brunswick name!

Size: 9'


Original Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Flier from 1920:

Made of Armco Steel; Constructed on the Brunswick Principle of Knowing How.

For several years we have been experimenting in the manufacture of STEEL POCKET AND BILLIARD TABLES.

We would not offer to the trade a steel table until we could put the name ’Brunswick’ on it with the same consistency as we do on all our Billiard Table good that have been tried and tested.

The inside frame work of our steel table was designed and tested by experts in the steel construction and for rigidity and strength cannot be surpassed.

The ‘VESTAL TABLE’ is but one of our many design in steel table that can be furnished in Mahogany, Circassian Walnut, Oak, or any other wood finish, also in White Porcelain.