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Hint 26" Falcon Finish & HT Shiitake Seat Covering w/ Pine Cone Backrest

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Material: Upholstered seat and wood veneer backrest

A space where you can forget about the little inconveniences of the day. The furniture you choose should reflect this desire to live together in a comfortable, relaxing shared space. This stool reflects the trend to opt for warm woods and a mix of flowing lines and rounded edges.

Non swivel stool


Height 37 1/2"
Width 17 1/2"
Depth 20 1/4"
Seat height 26 1/2"

Finish: Falcon

The 74 Falcon metal color is a black speckled brown in an embossed matte finish with a hammered texture that has depth. It is obtained using a baked powder paint, which gives the product a durable, environmentally friendly finish suitable for indoor use.

Seat cover: HT Shiitake

HT Shiitake is a cream and light brown fabric. Its weave is lightly textured and has a linen and cotton effect.

Content: 100 % of Polyester.

Birch veneer backrest color: Pine Cone

96 Pine cone wood stain gives a brown color to the wood with a smooth and matte finish.

Birch Veneer: birch veneer is a fine layer of birch applied to a particle board which gives it the look of solid wood at a fraction of the price. This process allows it a high humidity variations tolerance. It still requires some precautions to preserve it.