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Defying Gravity: The Ultimate Comfort of Svago

March 14, 2024

Are you ready to elevate your comfort and unwind like never before? Look no further! We proudly present a full line of Svago Zero Gravity Chairs and can’t wait for you to try them. 

Svago chairs have many health benefits including decompressing your spine, increasing blood circulation, relieving lower back pain, reducing heart pressure, reduce healing times, and restoring balance. Zero Gravity was designed by NASA and is touted by physicians as the healthiest way to sit.

Svago has a chair for every style and budget. Whether you’re just looking for a comfortable Zero Gravity recliner with basic massage or if you’re looking for all the bells and whistles, Svago has a chair for you.


The Newton

With buttery-soft upholstery and a hand-carved wood base, the Newton Zero Gravity model is their most luxurious chair. It has the highest quality memory foam throughout and three motors, which means your vacation is only a button away. 

The Newton's special air-cell massage feels like 15 hands massaging you at once.  Combine these features with heat and the zero-gravity position will allow your muscles to relax and your spine to decompress - reducing pain and improving healing and health. 


The Swivel

A beautiful innovation of luxury, this Swivel Zero Gravity chair has a 280-degree swivel that no other chair in the line offers. It’ll feel as if you’re floating on air with a base that swivels you at the touch of a button. Made from buttery soft leather and natural wood, this chair has style. 

An easy to navigate remote control and dial allow you to have full range on your backrest and footrest settings. This chair has two air massage programs to deliver gentle pressure over your entire body to alleviate pain, swelling and inflammation. 



This ZGR classic Zero Gravity chair comes included with two motors, neck and lumbar support with high-density poly foam, and a high-frequency massage that will deepen the restorative zero gravity experience. It can be used as a traditional recliner, but with the touch of a button the Zero Gravity position will allow for relaxation, repair, and healing.


The Lite 2

The entry level Lite 2 Zero Gravity recliner is designed to suspend your body to a neutral posture so your heart and feet are in alignment. This creates a weightless feeling and reduces pressure on your spine and joints, improves blood circulation and eases muscles. 

A smart dial allows you to easily recline all the way or stop at any position along the way. Full back massage with vibration technology is included, as well as, heat on your lumbar spine.  


The Table

Complimenting the Svago recliner, the Table comes with matching wood finish to pair with any chair or chair set. Features include: cup holders, built -in outlets, USB, and wireless charging dock. The Table has everything you need to group with your Svago chairs and transport you to a state of blissful relaxation. 


Visit Peters Billiards today and experience the future of relaxation with Svago Zero Gravity Chairs! Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect chair for your own oasis and tranquility.

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