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Leather Furniture Care

January 18, 2024

At Peters we love leather furniture. It’s beautiful, durable, and long -lasting.  Perfect on many applications from your sectional to recliner or barstools to game chairs. Top grain & full grain leather are best and hold up really well without much maintenance. 

Not sure how best to care for your leather? We’ll give you some tips to keep your leather furniture looking new for many years to come.

Faux Leather

First, let’s be sure you have genuine leather. If you’re unsure then check with the store you purchased the furniture from, the manufacturer, or the furniture tags for descriptions on the leather.  Terms that refer to faux leather would be: PU leather, faux leather, vegan leather, bonded leather, vinyl, synthetic leather, or imitation leather to name a few. Faux leather might have some leather particles mixed in it, but is not a leather hide.

Split grain is genuine leather, but is essentially the middle layer of the hide. Split leather will not have the same natural look or feel as the top or full grain.

 All of these "leather" types are not as strong as top and full grain leathers. They will wear differently and require different cleaning and care.


Top & Full Grain Leather

Top grain leather refers to a bovine hide that has been sanded or buffed to remove some of the minor imperfections and blemishes to create a smoother, more even finish. These “corrected grain” leathers typically have a thin, protective top coat applied to protect again stains. 

Full grain leathers are also a bovine hide, but has not had the blemishes and imperfections removed.  This means that scars, larger pores, wrinkles or other marks may be more visible. Manufacturers will do their best to choose full grain hides that have fewer blemishes, but some of the leather’s natural character should be expected when selecting a full grain leather option. Some full grain leathers will appear to have natural variations and beautiful characteristics.  

Both top grain and full grain leathers are strong, high quality, long-lasting materials that will last for generations if cared for properly. 


Leather Care

Leather is an organic, preserved material which needs regular care and maintenance.  A piece of furniture that is in daily use is exposed to external stress.  It is important to be aware of a simple care and maintenance plan to protect your leather as long as possible.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Avoid placing leather furniture near radiators or fan heaters.
  • Vacuum the leather carefully to remove dust particles.
  • Clean regularly to remove grease and dirt.
  • Do not allow water or any stain to dry.
    •  Remove as quickly as possible with a paper napkin or soft cotton cloth.  
  • * Use a leather conditioner every 6-12 months.
    •   This will keep the leather hydrated. Hydrated leather will help repel stains. Dry leather will soak in stains and dirt more easily.


Leather Cleaners

You can choose your own leather cleaner and conditioner, but we also prefer testing any cleaner or conditioner on a small section of the leather first. 

We have two leather care products that we recommend. The Stressless® leather care kit includes a leather cleaner, sponge applicator, leather conditioner, and clean cloth to apply the leather conditioner.  We also prefer Omnia's Leather Cleaner and Leather Milk Conditioner as well.


Taking care of your leather furniture will protect your investment and allow you to enjoy your furniture for many years. 
For more information on leather care or leather furniture please stop in our store, call, or send us an email!

Thanks for visiting Entertaining Designs. 

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