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Ten Little Known Facts About Peters Billiards

September 11, 2014

Peters Billiards seems like it has been around forever, since 1957 to be exact. Originally it was just pool tables, but we’ve evolved to become much more. In 2006 we opened our new building and there was talk about changing the store name to help people understand who we are. Many loyal customers know us as Peters Billiards and continuing into the future with that loyalty was very important to us. So we set out on a mission to let the Twin Cities know who we are.


  • Fast Fact #1: Did you know we are not a pool hall? Even though we do have more than 40 pool tables on display.
    • Occasionally you will see pool being played in-store, but this is for our Saturday “pool school” offered to customers who recently purchased a pool table. They get advice from our professional expert and Billiard Coach, Mike Fieldhammer.


  • Fast Fact #2: We have more than just games! 
    • Looking for a sofa? We have it at Peters. Patio furniture? We have it at Peters. Kitchen and bar stools? We have them at Peters. You get the idea. We have the furniture, games, and accessories to furnish any entertaining space both inside and out!


  • Fast Fact #3: Our store was built in the shape of a pool table complete with over-sized pool balls.
    • Sitting with a view above the highway, Peters is not your typical store layout. We are a two level store with 37,800 square feet and convenient ground level (and under the building) parking.


  • Fast Fact #4: We carry the largest selection of stools in the Midwest.
    • OK here it is, our sea of bar stools! I couldn’t capture all of our stools in one or two shots, but do you think we have enough? Over 300 models - uffda! (Can you tell I’m from Minnesota?) It’s a little overwhelming, I know. Don’t worry we have bar stool experts on hand to help you navigate through the options and find the best model for you. 


  • Fast Fact #5: Peters is one of the leading experts and collectors of antique billiard tables in the world.
    • Isn’t this table a beauty? We restore each table with painstaking attention to detail. Our owner, Greg Peterson, has collected over 85 antique tables, some of which are on display in-store.


  • Fast Fact #6: A collection of 3 is an easy rule of thumb when designing any room. Here are a few examples:
    • Use a collection of 3 fabrics in the furniture – Solid leather couch, small pattern on chairs, and a fun design on accent pillows – provides variety and is pleasing to the eye.
    • Repeat color tones 3 times throughout the room – Dark brown leather on the sofa, a dark wood finish on the game table, and a dark brown color in the wall décor – this will give your design a cohesive look.
    • Use a collection of 3 for lighting, artwork, accessories, bar stools…the list goes on. 


  • Fast Fact #7: Peters Billiards has their own delivery crews.
    • Our professional service team consists of our own Peters employees who are top level experts and provide outstanding workmanship.  


  • Fast Fact #8: Peters is a proud supporter of American made.
    • Many of our products come from companies who manufacture right here in the USA. This allows us flexibility when choosing finish, upholstery, sizing and most importantly a trust in quality.  Here are a few examples:

O.W. Lee, Mikhail Darafeev, Olhausen Billiards, Johnston Casuals, Omnia Leather Furniture,   McDermott Cues, and  Seaside Casuals


  • Fast Fact #9: Once a Peters employee, always a Peters employee.
    • Peters Billiards has 30 employees who have been working here for over 10 years! With 12 of those employees going on 20 or more years. That’s a whole lot of experience under our belt.


  • Fast Fact #10: We offer free in-store design service.
    • As the designer on staff, I’m an open book when it comes to giving design advice. No question is a bad question and no project is too small. I’m honored to be a part of creating beautiful spaces.


As you can see we are much more than billiards and games:Peters is a lifestyle store. So come on in, relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at Peters Billiards, the game room store.

 Thanks for visiting.

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