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Furniture & Decor

Make your great room even greater. We have fine furniture to fill any size room. Big comfy couches. Leather sectional or theater seating. But we don’t stop there. Check out our bars and entertainment centers, massage chairs, pub tables and artwork.


Sofas and sectionals: These are the main seating options for your living room. They should be comfortable, durable, and match your style and space. You can choose from a variety of sofas and sectionals, such as leather, fabric, reclining, sleeper, modular, and more. One of the brands that we carry for sofas and sectionals is Omnia, which offers high-quality leather furniture that is made in the USA and customizable to your preferences.

Recliners: If you want to add some extra comfort and relaxation to your living room, you can opt for a recliner. A recliner is a chair that can recline to different positions, allowing you to adjust your posture and support your back, neck, and legs. One of the brands that we recommend for recliners is Stressless®, which is known for its innovative and ergonomic design, as well as its wide range of styles and colors.

Coffee tables, end tables and console tables: These are the furniture items that complete your living room. They provide surface space for your drinks, snacks, books, lamps, and other accessories. They also add some style and character to your living room. You can choose from different materials, shapes, sizes, and designs for your tables, depending on your needs and preferences.

Home theater seats: These are the seats that you and your guests will enjoy while watching your favorite entertainment. They should be comfortable, spacious, and functional. You can choose from different types of home theater seats, such as reclining, rocking, loveseat, sofa, sectional, and more. One of the brands that we carry for home theater seats is Palliser, which offers a wide range of home theater seating options that are customizable, stylish, and feature-rich.

Bars and pub tables: Enhance your entertainment room with a bar or pub table. Both will allow you to gather around while you enjoy drinks and snacks while having fun with friends and family. You can choose from a wide variety of options to fit your room best such as freestanding, wall-mounted, corner, round, square, rectangular, and more.

Dining sets, tables & chairs: Your dining room is the perfect spot to come together as a family. Whether serving a meal, playing a game or just having conversation your dining set should be built strong and reflects your style. You can choose from different types of dining sets, such as formal, casual, modern, rustic, and more. You can also mix and match different tables and chairs to create your own dining set. We carry the brands Amisco and Dinec for luxury dining.

Massage and zero gravity chairs: If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation and comfort for your body and mind, then look no further.  Massage chairs are designed to provide you with a full-body massage that can soothe your muscles, ease your tension, and improve your circulation. Zero gravity improves circulation, eases muscle pains, relaxes muscles, spinal decompression and more. Easy to use and operate, these chairs can fit in any space such as your living room, bedroom or office.

Entertainment centers: A wide variety of sturdy and stylish entertainment centers are available providing storage and display area for your TV, sound system, and other devices. Models will come in a wide variety of designs and sizes to fit your room and TV storage needs. One of the brands we recommend is BDI Furniture that specializes in modern furniture for home and office.

Clocks: There are a huge variety of styles and designs available in clocks. Modern to traditional and wall clocks to floor clocks, we have many decorative options to choose from. The Howard Miller brand is well known for their quality, craftsmanship, and variety.

Movie posters and wall art: So many options to choose from! We carry unique options for your game room, theater room, and your entire home. We have framed movie posters, framed canvas, wood , oversized,  small scale, landscapes, animals, mirrors, abstracts, and so much more.  Choose something that reflects your taste, color scheme, and fits your wall size.