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Monarch Rosewood

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Arguably, the most recognized pool table ever built, the Monarch was the marquee pool table found in pool halls, barber shops and saloons during its time. The lion’s head base supports are completely cast iron, and the table body features stunning inlays of California laurel, burl ash, French walnut, Bird’s-Eye maple, mahogany, rosewood, tulipwood and ebony.

Size: Pro 8'


Original Catalog Description from 1878-1895:

From the J. M. Brunswick and Balke Company catalog:

The Monarch.
This magnificent table embodies great solidity and massiveness of construction, with elegance and grace of design. It is very ornamental, the sides being of wood tastefully inlaid with various colored mosaics, and the legs being of iron finished in black and gold. A leveling screw in the center of the feet assists in establishing a perfect level over the entire surface of the table. It is unique in style and a departure from the established idea of a billiard table, and has met with much favor among those of acknowledged taste.

Inlaid with California laurel, burl ash, French walnut, birds-eye maple, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and tulipwood.

Construction patented September 7, 1875. Leveling Apparatus patented November 30, 1875.

From the J. M. Brunswick and Balke Company illustrated price list, 1878:

8' carom: $275. 8' pool: $300. 8' combination: $350.
9' carom: $300. 9' pool, $325. 9' combination: $375.
10 carom: $325. 10' pool, $350. 10' combination: $400.