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October 11, 2014

  Especially in our Midwest climate, fire pits are a must! Extend the life of your patio by using the fire pit from spring through summer and into fall. They are wonderful to use when there’s still a chill in the air and the days are shorter, providing the perfect backdrop for the warm ambiance of a fire.

Custom built-in fire pits are always a beautiful choice, but if you’re looking for something less permanent both gas and wood burning fire pits are available. 

Variety of Heights

Chat height, which is shorter than dining and taller than a coffee table, is the most popular fire pit option. It attracts the customer looking for the casual and comfortable lounge set-up with also the option to use for dining. Other fire table height options available are dining, counter, and bar heights.

With chat fire pits leading the industry as the most common height, you will find more options available in size and shape. From 36' up to 55" in diameter, options are available including round, square, and rectangular.

Choose your Style

Fire pits are available in a wide array of body styles including metal or wicker frames in various colors and designs. You also have choices of fire pit tops such as decorative metal, natural stone, or porcelain tile.  Metal and porcelain tule are great low maintenance options. Choosing natural stone is a gorgeous way to go, but requires more maintenance in our Midwest climate.

Other options on gas fire pits include a variety of “fire media” to use in the fire bowl around the flame. These include choices such as ceramic rocks, logs, and beautiful glass gems. 


Besides the fire pit body options, you can also add accessories to complete your set and make it easier for maintaining and entertaining. Metal dome covers are great to keep out leaves and dirt. A Lazy Susan makes for an easy way to use the fire pit for dining by providing extra space for appetizers and drinks. Add a weather proof cover to keep your investment looking like new.

Make sure to add the finishing touches to your fire pit with a comfortable seating arrangement. from weather resistant Adirondack chairs to plush lounge chairs the options are endless!

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