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Should you buy American Made Products?

I’m sure if we could we would all love to have American made products in our home. In this day and age it’s hard to find American made products for one and they’re not always in our budget. It’s true American made products in general tend to cost a little more, but for good reason. Here at Peters Billiards we try our best to carry American made furniture, games, and accessories whenever possible. Here are 5 reasons why buying American made products could be for you:


1) Investment - How often do you buy American made? When our grandparents were young most products they purchased were passed down to their children because they were made to last and built by skilled American craftsman. Many furniture products have since moved to be made overseas because it’s cheaper, but the quality has not stayed the same. Cheaper isn’t always better and I believe American made is still the best quality.  American made furniture is a good investment.

(Redondo Beach Leather Sectional by Omnia Leather made in Chino, California.)


2)  Environment - Many overseas manufactures do not use the strict environmental guidelines that America requires for furniture manufacturing facilities such as sustainable forestry practices and environmental pollution laws. Foreign labor laws can allow unsafe working conditions for many workers. Buying American furniture means supporting a better environment for the future and safe labor laws.

(Chicago Pool Table with Drawer by Olhausen Billiards made in Portland, Tennessee.)


3) Economy - Did you know that buying American made products also creates jobs? By purchasing American made products you’re putting money back into the pockets of American families. This in turn boosts the U.S. Economy and creates job opportunities for your family, friends, and neighbors.

(Del Mar Pub with Classic Flex Back Stools by Darafeev made in Chino, California.)

4)  Customization – Most often furniture that’s made overseas comes over on a boat already finished. You’re typically not given the option to choose size, stain, fabric, etc. With a U.S. based manufacturer, many times you will have the option to customize that piece to your own personal liking. It’s not just one-size-fits-all furniture.

(4-Score Pub Table & Stools by Johnston Casuals made in North Wildesboro, North Carolina.)


5) Quality – It’s that attention to detail from skilled American crafts persons that makes all the difference. Top of the line materials and construction techniques are used for long lasting furniture that will stand up to years of use and abuse.  We have also found that manufacturers located in America are easier to contact when an issue or question arises. They’re more willing to offer help and guidance needed to finalize a furniture purchase.

(Cambira Lounge Chairs with Santorini Fire Pit by O.W.Lee made in Ontario, California.)


Peters Billiards carries over a dozen companies that manufacture right here in the U.S.A. for categories such as pool tables, shuffleboards, bar stools, patio furniture, sofas and theater seating, pub and dining, game tables, arcade games, cues,  accent pieces, and more. We would be happy to point them out to you on your next visit to our store.

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