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Pool Table Care

To start I’d like to mention that there is not much everyday maintenance to pool tables. A pool table is a piece of fine furniture and, if taken care of as such, it will last through generations.

I decided to write this post in order to give myself a refresher course from our pool table experts, but also in hopes of learning something new. Right off the bat I’ve realized pool and billiards requires the least amount of maintenance compared to most games these days. With electronic games high on the list in popularity, pool is a refreshing change to connect with family and friends of all ages and requires little upkeep. With that being said we still have common questions asked on how to care for the table and cues.

Here are 9 common questions asked about Pool Table Care and Maintenance:


1.    Why do I need to brush the cloth and what’s the correct way to do it?

  • Dust and lint can end up on your cloth and prevent accurate play. To keep your table free of debris you can use a pool table brush with special fibers that won’t ruin the cloth. It’s best to brush in one direction from the head of the table to the foot. (The side you break from is considered the head). Brushing in a back and forth motion will cause the cloth fibers to pill and disrupt ball accuracy during play.


2.    If I spill on the pool table cloth can it be easily cleaned?

  • The quick answer is “not really”. That being said spills do happen.  Start with a clean damp cloth and blot up (don’t rub) the stain as best you can. Sometimes it’s a slow process, but it usually works. If that doesn’t work you can slowly work up to harsher cleaners if needed. Peters doesn’t specifically recommend any cleaners because of the damage they can do to the fibers in the cloth (which in turn affect the play of the game). If it’s a very stubborn stain and is noticeable we can recover your table with new cloth if needed.
  • The best thing to do is have areas close by for your kids and guests to put a drink and keep snacks. This is where pub tables, stools, corner tables, and spectator’s chairs come in handy.


3.    My kids like to sit on the edge of the table. I’m assuming this is not good for the table?

  • Yes, you’re correct.  The rail cushions can’t hold the weight. Rail cushions are held on with glue and when sitting on top of the rail it puts pressure on the glue joint and causes it to break which causes the cushion to sag and move. If the cushion is not in the correct spot the pool balls will not bounce as intended. It's hard to call the corner pocket if you have no idea where the ball is going to actually go!
  •  Replacing the cushion is not an easy task. Peters has professional services crews that can replace it for you. The rail has to be removed, cloth has to be taken off, cushion needs to be removed, a new cushion needs to be glued on, and cloth needs to be upholstered back onto the rail by stretching and stapling. (Which I’ve found is a pretty delicate process. Not for the DIY’ers out there).


4.    How do I know if I need new cushions on my table?

  • In recent times both Olhausen and Brunswick brands carry a lifetime warranty on the cushions so on new tables you don’t have to worry about it. If you have another brand or an older table you can test it by bouncing a ball across the table the short way. If the ball bounces across 4-5 times you’re good. If the ball doesn’t bounce and cushions feel like a rock, most likely you need new cushions.


5.    Can I use pledge to dust the wood portion of my table?

  • We do not recommend pledge or any other cleaning product on the rail surface of your table. A clean damp cloth is all you need to clean dust and finger marks. Pledge or other wood cleaning products can fade the table cloth.


6.    What’s the best way to store my pool cues?

  • The best way is stored upright in a cue rack and not leaning on the edge of a table. We see a lot of broken tips from cues falling on the ground. Gravity also takes its toll and warps cues that are left leaning against something.


7.    I need new carpet. Can I move the table out of the way on my own?

  • Not recommended. When our crews set-up a table they’ve leveled it with shims. Sliding the table even a short distance will break the shims loose and create an uneven table. Not to mention we’ve heard plenty of stories where a leg cracked and/or breaks or a slate joint is disrupted. It’s best to have a professional move it for you. Peters offers a variety of services such as putting the table on dollies or even taking it apart and setting back up once carpet is complete. Our own bonded and insured professional service crew guarantees their work.


8.    How do I know if I need new cue tips?

  • If your tip is less than the thickness of a dime, you need a new tip. Peters stocks tips and has services to replace them for you. We also carry an at home repair kit as well.



9.    I see white dot marks on my table. Is something wrong with my cloth?

  • No, this is normal, especially if you have tournament grade cloth like Simonis. The white marks are actually heat marks created from the cue ball. Simonis cloth is made from worsted wool which is a smoother, flatter weave and allows the ball to roll farther, faster and more accurate.



Have another question you need answered? Contact our expert sales staff here at Peters Billiards or stop in and see us.