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Accessorizing Your Theater Room

November 17, 2015

*Disclaimer* Some of the items in this post are no longer available. Please contact Peters Billiards for questions or ordering.

Ok, so you have your furniture – or it’s on order - for your home theater room. Now how do you go about making it look like the theater room of your dreams? It’s time to add in the fun accessories and useful pieces of accent furniture to give you the look and feel your family and friends will want to enjoy for many years to come. Here are eight ideas to make your dream theater room a reality.


  1. Have you ever heard of a “Theater bar”?  A theater bar is a long rectangular counter, bar height table or walk up bar. Sitting at 36” or 42” high it’s generally used with barstools and located right behind a sofa or row of theater seats. Theater Bars and Tables come in a variety of different styles to suite your needs. If you opt for a slightly deeper top, say 30-36”, the table could be used freestanding with seating on both sides. This is a great accent piece to a theater room that opens up to a lower level game room.


  2. A customer favorite is the “Theater Arm”. It’s an ingenious way to get cup holders on a sofa or sectional that otherwise wouldn’t have that option. There are three major reasons why this is a fan fav.
    1.  The Theater Arm comes with a fin-like piece on the bottom that wedges itself in between two cushions. This keeps it steady enough to keep your drink upright.
    2. This is available in literally hundreds of leathers and fabrics. You’re sure to find one that matches or coordinates with your sofa.
    3. The fact that it’s removable. Take it in and out as much as you please. Out when you have company and in when it’s movie night. Best of both worlds!
  3. Popcorn in essential to movie watching. Indulge with movie theater style popcorn made fresh with a popcorn popper. Available in 4 and 8 oz. poppers to sit easily on top of a counter or table. Set the popper on a traditional red cart for old school ambiance. Opt for delicious movie style buttered popcorn conveniently packaged in a tri-pack. Looking for a healthier treat? You can still make your own fresh popcorn with kernels and oil.


  4.  Movie posters are almost a necessity when completing a theater room. It’s a way of adding a personal touch to your room by choosing your favorite movies. Custom framed posters are available in almost every movie made. (Peters Billiards keeps many of these posters in-stock and ready for pick-up.) Step it up to another level with marquee movie posters that replicate what you would find at your local multiplex. These can be hardwired into your electrical and can be customized with your family name, your choice of finish, etc.
  5. Add ambiance with mood lighting such as LED lighting in your theater seating, star ceilings, accent sconces, and cinema signage lights. It’s important to layer your lighting, even in a theater room. You’ll want lighting to cover these 3 categories: general room lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.


  6.  Decorative accessories such as aisle ropes and candy counters add a spark of fun and fantasy to the room. Kids (and adults) will fall in love with a “real” theater like feel.
  7. Additional seating is sometimes necessary when you have a large crowd. Stools can be paired with a pub table or lined up behind a theater bar. Choose something with a swivel for easy in and out, a back to lean on and of course a plush seat pad for maximum comfort. Ottomans can also serve as dual purpose while giving you extra seating and the opportunity to show off your personal design style. Make it a storage ottoman to store blankets and pillows to snuggle in or to hide away remotes and gaming controllers.


  8. Let’s decorate! Completing your room with a few key pieces of artwork will give it the final touch. From decorative signage to film reels to mini-waiters, pick a design style and go wild. Decorative artwork doesn’t have to be theater related. Add a punch of color with a clock, pots, modern art, or whatever moves you.


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