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Natural and Faux Stone Cleaning and Maintenance

This is the third installment of patio furniture care and maintenance, which includes specific information on caring for natural and faux stone. Refer to these helpful tips from the experts to keep your table in top-top shape.



Faux stone (such as solid surface composite or porcelain tile) is east to maintain. With a little effort in care and maintenance these table tops will stay beautiful for many years to come.


Tip #1: Wash Regularly

  • Avoid built-up of grease and stains by washing regularly with mild soap, lukewarm water, and a soft rag. Rinse with clean water.


Tip #2: Check with the manufacture

  • Some manufacturers might give specific instructions for stubborn stains or to maintain the luster of the original finish. One of our manufacturers, Tropitone,  recommends a light coat of liquid car wax be applied to their faux stone tops after cleaning to enhance the surface appearance.
  • OW Lee also recommends using a pH-balanced cleaner specific for their porcelain tile tops for use on tougher stains such as dirt build-up and food.
  • Make sure to test the cleaner on the underside or on a small spot of your table.


Tip #3: Store or cover when not in use.

  • Although porcelain tules are very frost resistant (less than 0.5% water absorption) it's still recommended to store those table tops indoors during extended periods of non-use, especially in our Midwestern climate.
  • Some solid surface table tops do not need to be brought indoors, but we recommend using a cover for protection during exteneded periods of non-use.
  • Our employees can help you find the correct cover for you from our in-stock cover collection.



Natural stone is so beautiful and offers many variations on type, color, and size. You know that no one else will have the exact same look because each piece is unique. Natural stone does require more maintenance, but the beauty is worth it!

Tip #1: Start with water

  • Airborne dust and dirt can be easily cleaned with just plain water and is easy on the stone surface.


Tip #2: Wipe spills immediately

  • To prevent stains use a soft cloth to wipe up spills immediately. Avoid spilling acidic liquids such as wine or orange juice which can etch out the sealer. Routinely use coasters to prevent water rings.  Protect surface from hot items using trivets.


Tip #3: Clean with natural stone cleaner

  • Use a natural stone cleaner and follow the manufactures instructions. Avoid abrasive cleaners such as bleach or glass cleaner and don’t use scouring pads because damage may occur. Ancient Mosaics Studios, one of our favorite stone manufacturers, recommends using a pH-neutral cleaner such as Simple Green on their tops.


Tip #4: Seal with natural stone sealer

  • Sealing natural stone will protect it from daily use and will also help prevent food or liquid stains from penetrating the stones surface.  It’s typically recommended to seal at least twice a year. It only takes a few minutes of your time to distribute an even coat of sealer and then wipe the table top dry.
  • Natural stone sealers are typically available from your stone manufacturer. They are also available from many local hardware stores. Follow specific sealer instructions for correct application.


Tip #5: Store or cover when not in use

  • Our climate is always changing here in the Midwest, so Peters Billiards highly recommends storing your table top indoors during winter months. Freezing and thawing can wreak havoc on your table.
  • If you must leave it outside you will need an outdoor cover for the table and "tent it" by elevating the center of the cover (with a bucket for example). Although most covers are considered waterproof, tenting the cover will allow moisture and snow to run off.


***Refer to future blog posts to see more specific cleaning and care suggestions for: teak and faux wood, metal and woven outdoor furniture.

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