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Patio Furniture: General Care & Cleaning

October 12, 2014

You just invested your hard earned money on a beautiful patio set, so how do you keep it looking at its best for many seasons to come? Taking the time to care for your patio furniture is an important step to maintain the look you fell in love with. Here are some tips direct from the manufacturers on how to keep your furniture looking great many years down the road.

Tip # 1: What do the pros say?

  • Not all furniture is created equal so take a look at the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintaining. Some products and cleaning techniques can damage certain furniture and you want to make sure to avoid this.Ask the store you purchased from to locate this information or try the manufacturer's website.

Tip # 2: Light Cleaning

  • Lightly scrub with a sponge or soft bristle brush using a cleaning solution of ¼ cup biodegradable liquid soap and a gallon of lukewarm water. This will clean any built up residue and is recommended periodically, especially before winter storage.

Tip #3: Avoid harsh chemicals

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach, unless recommended. Make sure to test out cleaning products on a hidden area first. Take care when power washing, not all furniture and finishing techniques can handle this type of pressure.

Tip #4: Always close you umbrella when not in use.

  • Too many times I've heard stores about umbrellas and tables being damaged in a storm and every time it was because the umbrella was left open. Umbrellas are never warrantied against "wind damage".

Tip #5: Cover or store indoors

  • Take care of your outdoor furniture by covering or storing it indoors during winter months or extended trips away. This will help keep it clean and ready for the next season of use. Covers are available to fit almost every patio item.
  • Furniture stored outside or in other cold areas should be drained of water to prevent ice damage.

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