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Teak and Faux Wood - Cleaning and Maintenance

October 13, 2014

Teak and faux wood are prized for outdoor furniture because both are low maintenance options while still offering beautiful designs. This is the 4th installment on Patio Care covering teak and faux wood care and maintenance.

Valued for its elegance and durability, teak is great for its weather resistant properties. Take note of these 5 tips to care for you teak furniture.

Tip #1: Periodic cleaning

  • Clean once or twice a year with teak cleaner. A DIY option would be to use mild biodegradable liquid soap with a soft bristle brush and lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use a power washer to clean teak furniture.


Tip #2: Let it age naturally

  • Teak will naturally weather to a beautiful grey patina over time and if this natural finish is what you desire it will require less maintenance. Most teak manufactures recommend this option.

Tip #3: Occasional sanding

  • Teak furniture might benefit from an occasional light sanding to remove any raised grain and restore the smooth finish after years of use.


Tip #4: Sealing is golden

  • Some people like to retain the original golden-brown color of teak. This is possible by using teak sealer, but will need to be re-applied every year for continuous protection.  Follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for your teak furniture.
  • Take care not to get teak sealer, oil, or cleaner on fabrics.


Tip #5: Protecting from stains and mildew

  • To protect teak surfaces from staining and help maintain a beautiful silver-grey patina, one of our favorite manufacturers, Gloster, recommends their teak protector. The teak protector creates an invisible shield from foods such as ketchup and red wine from penetrating and causing stains. It also help protect the wood from moisture, dirt, and mildew.


Tip #6: Store or cover when not in use

  • To keep your furniture looking its best we recommend covering or storing inside during winter months or extended periods of non-use.




Products such as Envirowood (a.k.a. High Density Polyethylene) and Marine Grade Polymer (MGP) are some of the faux wood materials used in the patio furniture industry. These low maintenance options are gaining popularity and offering more in style and design than ever before.
Tip #1: Use the hose

  • Simply spray off with the garden hose to clean simple spills and stains quickly. Avoid pressure washing, unless recommended by the manufacturer.


Tip #2:  Regular cleaning

  • Easily cleaning with mild soap, water, and soft rag should do the trick to keep your furniture looking in tip top shape year round. Rinse with water.


Tip #3: Avoid harsh chemicals

  • Avoid using products meant for natural wood. These products can stain the finish.

Tip #4: Cover or don’t cover, it’s your choice!

  • At Peters Billiards we always recommend covering your outdoor furniture during winter months or long periods of non-use. However, many of our customers who have Seaside Casuals brand of HDPE furniture prefer the ease of letting it sit out in the snow all winter long. It might need a little cleaning when spring rolls around again, but otherwise good as new. Outdoor patio furniture covers are available for almost all sizes and shapes of patio furniture, including umbrellas and fire pits. 


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