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Inside Peters Billiards Warehouse

May 26, 2015

Peters Billiards Warehouse is a side of our company that not many people get to see other than a location for picking up merchandise. We have quite the crew working behind the scenes to make sure all the products and services we offer are handled appropriately.  There is no way I could list everything that’s done at our warehouse in one blog post, but hopefully you can get a little taste of what our warehouse crew is up to.


  • Peters warehouse holds all of our stocked products and as you can see from the pictures below that is a lot! Any item we show on display in store makes its way to the warehouse first and categorized by company and product type.


  • Our crews receive all customer and stock orders. They are unloading trucks and properly storing until that item is ready for pick-up or delivery.


  • We assemble furniture for pick up or delivery. Whether it’s three stools or a set of theater seats we will un-package, inspect, and assemble for you. Below is a link to a barstool getting prepped for pick-up.


  • Our scheduling department is also located here for such things as scheduling delivery of product to your home, pool table maintenance, store delivery runs and much more.


  • Special sections of our warehouse our devoted to our Pinball Repair Shop, Wood Finishing Shop, and Pool Table Rail Shop. Special equipment is located in each shop to get the job done safe and efficiently.

Finishing Shop


Pinball Shop


Rail Shop


  •  The warehouse stores some of our wide selection of antique pool tables including some that have yet to be restored. Check out the pictures below for a peek at the before and after legs on the 9’ Antique Brunswick Hudson table.



  • We also carry many miscellaneous parts such as plastic glides for barstools, metal footplates for barstools, and replacement casters for chairs, to name just a few.


Well, there you have it. A small peek into Peters Billiards warehouse. Our store would not be the same if it wasn’t for all of the hard work that happens here. Thanks for visiting Entertaining Design.

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