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Unplugged Games for the Family - Table Tennis

No electronics needed here! All you need is a friend and you’re ready to go. So get those kids - and parents -  “unplugged” from their devices and show them how to play! It’s a game for all ages and doesn’t take much equipment: the table, paddles, and a ball. The more you play the better you’ll be and, hey, you might even learn topspin, backspin, or corkspin if you’re really talented.



1. Table tennis was first played in England in the 1880s by the upper class. It was typically an after-dinner parlour game.

(Early action table tennis from 1890 and original Gossima paddles, ball and net.)


2. Peters Billiards carries the Cornilleau brand, pronounced “corn-e-o” for those of you who don’t know your French.


3. Table Tennis has been an Olympic Sport since 1988? Who knew!

(View inside the arena during the Olympics.)


4. Table tennis tables are made much better than they used to be, with features such as:

  • One person, easy open and close operation.
  • A locking mechanism so they can’t fall back down once closed.
  • Adjustable leg levelers for uneven floors such as basements or garages.
  • Storage for paddles.
  • Wheels with brakes for stability during play and safety during storage.
  • They fold closed to smaller dimensions measuring about 5’ high and they are not top heavy.


5. The name Ping-Pong® is a federally registered trademark that was first developed by Parker Brothers, Inc.


6. Outdoor table tennis is also available and comes with a solid resin laminate top which is super durable for high moisture areas such as outside and in the garage. They also work great indoors if you have teenagers that tend to be pretty rough with your furniture!


7. Features such as Robo Pong make it easier to train yourself. With this “ball machine” you can set the angle, speed, and direction the ball comes at you. A net catches the ball for uninterrupted play.


8. Table Tennis is 5' x 9' when opened and we recommend a 9' x 16' space for play.


9. Own a pool table and not sure if table tennis will also fit into your room? There’s a solution for that! Add on the Table Tennis Conversion Top. With its foam padding underneath this table sits directly on top of your pool table without scratching the beautiful finish. 


10. Don’t forget accessories! Paddles, balls, covers, and more. Depending on your skill level there are a range of paddle options from $5-$300+. The beginner paddles will have more ball control while higher priced models typically offer more spin and speed for your more experienced players.



Check out our current models we have on display or visit our website for more detailed information. We try to have these tables in-stock and ready for delivery or pick-up. There is still time to have one of these games before Christmas!


Thanks for visiting Entertaining Design!

Thanks to Wikepedia, Cornilleau, and ITTF Museum for pictures and information to aid in this posting.

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