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February 15, 2024

Even though our MN winter has been lacking on the “winter” this year you can still get your hockey fill in at your own home. Super Chexx, also known as bubble hockey, is an exciting and realistic hockey game that’s fun for all ages. Super Chexx is the epitome of excellence for the highest quality and most durable bubble hockey game on the market. This game is proudly made in America and built for long lasting fun!

At Peters we stock two of our favorites, Super Chexx PRO® standard and Super Chexx PRO® NHL Wild vs. Blackhawks. Here’s why we love both of these games.


Super Chexx PRO® Dome Hockey

This game can be played one-on-one or two-on-two. Super Chexx PRO® has an automatic puck return system, overhead lighting, and sudden death overtime if you need it! 

Lots of exciting, realistic features such as jumbotron with LCD scoreboard, overhead lights, LED light show with RGB spotlights, automatic scoring, and lifelike sounds. The game can be upgraded with an LED light kit for the base, cupholders, and skated on ice if you wish. 

Available as a ‘split-base’ for smaller entries and doorways less than 32”.



Super Chexx PRO® Custom NHL Wild vs Blackhawks

All the same great elements as the Super Chexx PRO®, but it’s customized with MN Wild in home green vs Chicago Blackhawks in away white. It’s very realistic with the MN Wild logo at center ice.

Additional features on our stocked PRO® NHL are the LED light kit which are changeable in settings including red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, and violet neon. They also added the ‘skated on ice’ surface which has simulated marks on the ice as in a real game, as well as, cupholders which are a great addition for the ultimate experience.

 Available as a ‘split-base’ for smaller entries and doorways less than 32”.



Chexx has other popular and customized bubble hockey games that are available to order. Here's are a few fan favorites:

Super Chexx PRO® - Custom NHL Hockey 

Didn't grow up a MN sports fan? You can customize your Super Chexx PRO® NHL hockey and choose your own teams! All NHL branded teams are available to choose from. Immerse your family with the excitement of realistic sounds, captivating lights and engaging gameplay of your own favorite teams. Add the LED light kit, cupholder and skated ice to elevate your game.


 Super Chexx PRO® - 40th Anniversary Edition

The original "Chexx" bubble hockey game was designed in the 80's and was an instant phenomenon worldwide. This limited production run of the original game comes complete with BLUE & RED grips, new and improved electronics, jumbotron scoring, skated ice, LED under cabinet lighting kit, LED lighted base. Each ice surface is also numbered.


 Super Chexx PRO® - Miracle on Ice: USA vs. Russia

What a fun throwback to this great game. The Miracle on Ice Edition of Super Chexx PRO® commemorates the historic Miracle on Ice game, featuring hand panted jerseys, the national anthem, live action sounds and LCD Jumbotron. Can be upgraded with LED light kit, cupholder, and skated on ice if you wish. 


Super Chexx PRO® - Collegiate 

Choose from select NCAA teams to create your own college competition. Currently Super Chexx PRO® Collegiate Series is only available for select collegiate teams.  Available with all the of realistic and long-lasting features as their PRO® game, but with the additional chosen college logos on the base, frame, jumbotron and players.   Can be upgraded with LED light kit, cupholder, and skated on ice if you wish. 


 Super Chexx PRO® - Premium Wood

A unique hockey base for an exciting addition to your game room. All of the same wonderful features of the Super Chexx PRO® game, but with a solid maple base carved into hockey sticks. Made by American artisan woodcrafters it's the perfect complement to any high-end space. 


All of these games can be ordered with a black or red base. You can also upgrade with an LED light kit, cupholder, and/or skated-on-ice if you wish to.

Whether you’re looking for excitement for your man-cave, home arcade, office, garage, or business, this game promises to be a great addition in any space. Our two stocked games are on display in store right now so come on in a see all these amazing, quality features for yourself.  Want more information on these games? We'd be happy to answer any questions, just call or shoot us an email anytime. 

Thanks for visiting Entertaining Designs.


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