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Pool Table Tips: Round 1

Looking for a pool table? Don’t know where to start? Here are the first of 10 “good to know” tips about pool table basics.


  • Let’s get one thing straight: pool tables are great for all. It’s a rare game that does not discriminate. Whether you’re 8 or 88, man or woman, short or tall, this game can be played by anyone. Grandpa just might be the one running the table!
  • It’s also a game that doesn’t need a video screen. Maybe your kids will take a break from their phone and play a game or two with you?! Check out this link for other reasons why kids should learn the game of pool.


TIP #2 - TABLE SIZE: Did you know that pool tables come in more than one size?

  • The most common home pool table size is 8 foot, but pool tables come in 4 sizes: 7’, 8’, 8.5’, and 9’. Why so many options? Well, in the 19th and early 20th centuries pool tables were primarily displayed in bars or game rooms and Pro 8’ tables - also known as 8.5’ – were used.  Around the 1950s pool tables were making their way into homes and it was a status symbol to own a pool table, but not all homes could fit this larger size so out came what is commonly known as the standard 8 foot pool table. 7’ pool tables are now common in bars and arcades and 9’ is tournament regulation size.
  • See this room size recommendation sheet to help in choosing the best table size for your space. Our expert staff have a few tips and tricks for fitting a table into your room, even if you don’t have the ideal room layout. Be sure to talk to them before making any decisions.


TIP #3 - QUALITY: There are a wide range of manufacturers in the pool table industry, but they are not all created equal. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Diamond-honed slate, meaning the 3 pieces of slate for the bed of the table were once one single slab. This ensures proper alignment, fit and leveling. Some manufacturers only use slate pre-cut cut into generic left, middle, and right sections, which doesn’t always make a perfect fit.
  • Using Olhausen Accu-Fast® and Brunswick SuperSpeed® cushions, both of which are good for the life of the table. The cushions are what the ball bounces off during play and what makes the game. You don’t want them to ever harden or fall apart. Replacing your cushions is an option if you already own a table where the cushions have gone bad. Contact us for more information.
  • Using Peters Billiards own trained and experienced installers to correctly assemble the table is extremely important. You could have the best pool table in the world, and if it’s not set up correctly by an experienced installation crew it’s not going to look beautiful or play accurately.


*** Refer to future pool table tips Round 2 and Round 3 to learn more about cloth, pockets, frame, drawers, accessories, “Pool School”, and installation.

*** Refer to Peters Billiards website to view pool table options.