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FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Personalize Your Patio Furniture

April 23, 2021

With most of us spending more time at home we’ve taken stock of our surroundings and many of us have decided to work on home projects that we’ve put off. Many of us are making our home work better for us and also creating an atmosphere to enjoy time with loved ones, which during the past year we’ve realized is such an important thing.

It’s no secret that many furniture manufacturers and suppliers are insanely busy and the pandemic has stretched the global supply chain.  This has caused order times for housing materials and furniture to double at times. I thought it would be the perfect time to flashback to an old post about personalizing your patio. Even if you don’t want to wait for the “perfect” outdoor pieces you CAN use what’s available in-stock and coordinate it to make the most of your outdoor room.


Personalize Your Patio Furniture: 5 Tips (Originally posted in July 2016, updated for current product availability).


1.  Mix It Up.

Coordinating different furniture pieces that are not from the same collection or even the same vendor will give you a one of a kind look. For example, taking an all-weather wicker dining chairs and pairing with a metal or faux wood table. Similar to the photo below, your dining set and your deep seating peices don't need to be an exact match. Look for coordinating styles (i.e. modern or traditional) and similar color tones to blend different collections together.


By mixing frame materials it brings interest and texture into what could otherwise be a stale furniture package. Variety is much more pleasing and welcoming to the eye. 


2.  Accent with Textiles.

Adding in color through textiles is another great way to personalize your space. Using pops of color on materials such as accent pillows, throw blankets, rugs, umbrellas, and drapery will add that personalization to make your outdoor space uniquely you. Not a big fan of color? Keep it soothing with neutrals and soft patterns in the textiles you choose. You’ll still get a one of a kind finished end result.

 Leeward Deep Seating by Telescope Casuals



3. Jazz it up with Decor.

Most likely your neighbors will not have the same exact taste in décor so adding in a few touches of your own will help finish off the outdoor room and give it a personalized touch. The items below (and so much more) can transform your furniture into a unique space you can call your own.

  • lamps
  • mirrors
  • baskets to hold pillows & throws
  • lanterns
  • unique placemats
  • colorful dinnerware
  • clocks
  • picture frames
  • strings of accent lights
  • monogramed letters on the wall
  • fun lawn statue
  • flags
  • birdhouse
  • tiki torches
  • metal wall décor
  • candle holders


4.    Don’t Forget Greenery.

What’s an outdoor space without any greenery? Besides having a patio surrounded by grass or a garden, you need to pull at least a little greenery onto the patio or deck where your furniture is located. You could add a couple pots filled with your favorite plant to add color and texture. If you’re not a huge fan of flowers, try grasses in a traditional round pot or a modern low rectangular planter. Other possible ways to introduce greenery into your patio, deck, or porch are:

  • trellis
  • potted plants in varying sizes
  • borders
  • cut flower center piece
  • hanging plants
  • wall hanging planters
  • window baskets
  • topiaries

Tribeca Sling by Telescope Casuals


5.  DIY.

I’m a firm believer that every room needs a piece that has special meaning to you. Something that was more or less created by you or someone you love. This will keep your space distinctly yours and give you a treasured connection to your outdoor room. . The sky’s the limit on what you can do to add in your own personal touches to keep the space warm, inviting and comfortable no matter your design style. Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • unique pieces picked up on travels
  • an antique coffee table
  • large wood log used as an end table
  • hand me down accent pieces that you’ve refreshed with paint
  • garden urn transformed into an accent table
  • pillow coverings stitched by Grandma
  • a bench constructed by Grandpa
  • placements sewn from an old curtains
  • rustic wood hand painted sign


At Peters Billiards our experts will happily help you mix and match and pull together the perfect one-of-a-kind patio furniture arrangement. If you have pieces of your own that need to be included in the mix please bring in samples or pictures so we can help you lay out the space. Don’t forget your measurements! We want to ensure the pieces will fit exactly as they should.



Come visit our Minneapolis showroom to see ALL of our in stock patio furniture today!

Can’t find the perfect item instore? We will gladly order it for you to complete your dream patio.


Thanks for visiting Entertaining Designs.              


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